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#SuccessTRAIN - A Better Way to Thrive! - #ThriveTogether

For those of you on Twitter please join us on our new Global Brand and Business Networking Community #SuccessTRAIN - See more information here:

#SuccessTRAIN is an alliance of people dedicated to following, retweeting, networking, engaging, and supporting your Brand or Business as well as positive #Success and motivational messages. We plan to promote this event each Monday from about 7AM to 7PM ET. Last week we had a remarkable turnout and result with a worldwide reach of 32 Million accounts globally. I hope you all consider Tagging or Retweeting your Brand or Business promotions with #SuccessTRAIN.

#SuccessTrain was created by Rock Christopher and  Net Ventures Marketing, LLC @NetVentures. Rock still owns and operates as well. The two companies are working together as Strategic Partners.  Thank you and we hope to see you on the #SuccessTRAIN soon. We believe that the simplicity of connecting real-time on Twitter with a local and global group of people dedicated to supporting your brand or business through Retweets could be a powerful way for you to promote yourself or business and gain tangible leads. Let's #ThriveTogether on the #SuccessTRAIN

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