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#SuccessTRAIN Community Global Reach

#SuccessTRAIN on a weekly basis has a global reach of over 200 Million.
reported 75+ Million on January 23, 2017 (one day) of a #SuccessTRAIN Monday Event.  




#SuccessTRAIN is a Global Brand and Business Networking Community created by & @RockChristopher using primarily Twitter
(in the future to expand to other social media) - See more information here:

#SuccessTRAIN is an alliance of people dedicated to following, retweeting, networking, engaging, and supporting your Brand, Business, or Social Group as well as positive #Success and motivational
messages. All you do to participate is to tag your tweets with #SuccessTRAIN or
Retweet others doing the same. You
 can find the #SuccessTRAIN tweets by either searching
Twitter Search for #SuccessTRAIN or you can go to to see
all tagged tweets and retweets.  Once you post a tweet with #SuccessTRAIN hashtag you
will be followed by our core network of twitter accounts plus many others
who will retweet you. Additionally you will be listed on the #SuccessTrain List which we post that list
and encourage others to follow as well. Click Here to See the #SuccessTRAIN Retweeters List If you want to be listed then just simply retweet #SuccessTRAIN members tweets regularly or tag and tweet to promote
your brand, business, or even a motivational or "success" themed tweet.  

By the way many do not know that when you post tweets to Twitter your messages goes way beyond Twitter. Your Tweets will eventually show up in Google, and many other sites that run Twitter streams live to hundreds of millions of people beyond the Twitter audience. And each time our network retweets your tweet then it duplicates the opportunity for your message to not only show up in Google but also be displayed on dozens of other sites promoting Twitter timeline streams.  One of the key reasons we created #SuccessTRAIN was not just the power of Twitter but because so many other critical places like Google will eventually post
everything that is posted to Twitter. 

@NetVentures and @RockChristopher will promote the #SuccessTRAIN Monday event each week from about 7AM to 7PM ET. Last week we had a remarkable turnout and result with a worldwide reach of 32 Million People globally. I hope you all consider Tagging or Retweeting your Brand, Business, or Motivational message with #SuccessTRAIN and join in on what we believe to be a new way of "real-time
business network that in time could change the way we all do business.

How to Participate on #SuccessTRAIN ? 

Participating in the #SuccessTRAIN on your own is completely free. However, If you would like help posting, scheduling and guaranteeing you more retweets and exposure reaching this massive network please email us for additional information.

Let's #ThriveTogether on the #SuccessTRAIN